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All Arrangements are (C) 1999-2016 by Lee Harris
All Rights Reserved
All Arrangements are scored for:
5 Trumpets, 4 Trombones
5 Saxes (2-Altos, 2-Tenors, Baritone)
(some charts also have an alternate Lead Soprano Sax part)

Piano/Conductor, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Separate Conductor Part
All Trumpets double on Flugelhorn
All Saxes double on Flute and/or  Clarinet
Lead Alto doubles Soprano Sax also.


MP3 Demos Are Available Here for Most of These Charts.
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Please Note: Only my original compositions are
for sale here. My arrangements of the
Great American Songbook Standards are


All of Me
'Basie-like' version of this great jazz standard. Tpt Solo. Medium/Easy.  LFO Broadcast  MP3 - Tom Swayze solos here.
After You've Gone, Finally - NEW CHART
Smoking version of this old standard; Alto, Tenor,  Kbd and Guitar solos and a nice Sax section Soli.  Solos here by Gary Mayone, Scott Klarman &  Scott Ankrom & Les Blachut  - Advanced - LFO
YouTube Video
America The Beautiful (Dedicated to the Heroes of 9/11)
As written for the Dennis Noday Orchestra. Written for full band, including 5 bone parts. Lead trumpet top note is a high 'E', with an optional high 'G' on the ending. Medium/Advanced. Dennis Noday plays it here. Dennis MP3.
A Taste of Honey
Real pretty jazz-waltz; solos for flugelhorn and a gorgeous sax section soli . Medium. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo. Medium/Easy chart.
All the Things You Are
Flugelhorn solo, done in a nice 3/4 groove. Advanced
Swinging version of Bernstein's 'West Side Story' theme - Advanced and fairly difficult chart
***Baba Louie (c)2001-2015  Lee Harris Music Inc. New Version, New Chart!
A rock burner; extended bari sax and guitar solos. Advanced. Studio MP3 
(note: This chart was formerly listed as: 'Haji Baba'...)
A burning version of the Weather Report tune; tenor and guitar solos. Advanced. Dennis MP3 available.
Body and Soul
Gorgeous chart; features your bari-sax player. Medium/Easy. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo.
***The Brite Side ***  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original 3-movement 'suite'. Great production closer! Kbd/tenor solos.Advanced
Caravan II
Jazz-Samba Cooker; solos for Alto, Trumpet, Guitar; goes out cooking Advanced....
Chelsea Bridge  *****
Strayhorn's gorgeous tune; tenor solo feature. Medium/Easy. Rehearsal MP3Billy Ross's tenor solo on this track...is totally gorgeous and amazing!
***Cheo's Glider  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Nice uptempo 3/4 mood thing; tenor & tpt solos...Advanced
Embraceble You
A gorgeous soprano solo; some different changes, in a real pretty chart. Medium/Easy. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo.
***Fourth Dimension (c)2001 Lee Harris Music Inc.
A cooker; piano, bari, trumpet solos and a marvelous sax soli section. Advanced. Dennis MP3 demo.
Ghost of a Chance - NEW CHART!
Real pretty version of this great old standard; written for Guitar solo but useable by any other horn in the band. The demo track here is a VIBES solo. Easy -
YouTube Video
God Bless the Child
A gorgous bass-trombone solo, originally written for Dave Taylor in 1974. Bass trombone solo all the  way. Medium/Advanced . Studio MP3 . Solo  here by Dave Taylor.
- - - - -
"It is one of the best, if not THE BEST Bass Bone feature out there."
John Mckevitt
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - New Chart!
Great update of a 100-year-old 'swinger'-with a lovely 'interlude'. A fun chart! Medium/Advanced
A 'smokin' up-tempo version of this great old tune; soprano, trumpet solos and a burnin' out chorus. Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
Lady Be Good
Another 3/4 jazz-waltz burner! Advanced
MacArthur Park **
Cooking version of this great Richard Harris tune; tenor, trumpet and guitar solos with an intense out chorus. Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
A lovely chart on this gorgeous McCartney tune; bone solo & tenor jazz. Advanced. MP3 demo.
Meaning of the Blues/Round Midnight
Medley: Two classic jazz standards; 'Blues' is a solo bone feature; 'Midnight' features a sax section soli with a tenor solo on the bridge; gorgeous chart! Medium/Advanced. Mike Balogh & Billy Ross solo here.
SUP_Rehearsal MP3.
Midnight Sun
Real pretty soprano sax feature. Easy
My Foolish Heart
Real pretty keyboard feature. Medium/Easy
Night Train
A 'smoking version of this old standard; alto/tenor/trumpet solos. Advanced
Out of This World
Latin-style burner! This chart 'smokes'! Advanced

Old Man River
He don't say nothin' he just keeps 'swinging'; nice slow groove on this one...Easy
***Rainbows  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Up-tempo Samba-style cooker; soprano sax or flute solo. Advanced
***The Runner **   (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original 6/8 composition; gorgeous melodic out-chorus; Advanced
Royal Garden Blues
Swinging version of this great old dixieland standard. Advanced
Send In the Clowns
Real pretty trumpet feature done as a slow bossa-nova; Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
(Bob Livingood plays the solo on this demo...)
Soprano solo; done in a nice bossa-nova groove; real pretty chart. Rehearsal  MP3 Demo. Medium/Easy.
The Song Is You
The classic jazz standard in a cooking new chart; features tenor & trumpet, with a chorus for your guitar player. Partial MP3 demo.  Advanced.
Superstar 2000
A kicking version of the great broadway show tune; solos for Alto, Trombone, Trumpet.. Makes a great opener. Concert MP3.  Advanced
***That Waltz Thing  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Like it says; a jazz waltz burner
! Advanced
Us and Them  - New Chart
Real pretty Soprano Sax solo on this gorgeous Pink Floyd tune. Medium/Easy - YouTube Video
***Vintage Brew  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original "musical time machine"...from around the 1930's era! Fun chart. Med/Advanced
Walk Softly
Gorgeous 'bone solo of this Johnny Richards melody. Medium/Advanced  (bones pretty high...) Mike Balogh solos here.
Where or When
Real pretty 3/4 version of this great old standard. Medium/Advanced
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
A swinger all the way...Medium/Advanced


Arrangement Prices and Ordering
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         ***Please Note: Only my original arrangements/compositions are for sale here.

         My arrangements of the Great American Songbook Standards are NOT for sale.

         However, if you send me some recordings of your big-band in action (rehearsal
 concert), I would be delighted to contribute some charts to your library!

         Just let me know which charts you're inteested in. I will send you, via email,
         ZIP FILES containing the PDF files for your selection.

         You will have to print them out and tape them up yourself,
but the 'price is right!'

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of mine for 
any more freebeez!)

  • My Original Arrangements are $60.00 each; Production Scores are included.
  • 'The Brite Side' and 'Red Apple Sweet' are $80.00 and are both great closers!
  • You may use PAYPAL to pay for your order online. Just email me, and I'll send you the PAYPAL email address to use. 

  • I don't take checks or money-orders!
  • Please add $5.00 for shipping and handling for EACH CHART if you don't have email or need to use  'SNAIL-MAIL'  I'm gonna have to print & tape them, and get them to the post office!
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