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All Arrangements are (C) 1999-2018 by Lee Harris
All Rights Reserved
All Arrangements are scored for:
5 Trumpets, 4 Trombones
5 Saxes (2-Altos, 2-Tenors, Baritone)
(some charts also have an alternate Lead Soprano Sax part)

Piano/Conductor, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Separate Conductor Part
All Trumpets double on Flugelhorn
All Saxes double on Flute and/or  Clarinet
Lead Alto doubles Soprano Sax also.


MP3 Demos Are Available Here for Most of These Charts.
(If you need one that's not posted yet , email me...)

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After You've Gone, Finally - NEW CHART
Smoking version of this old standard; Alto, Tenor,  Kbd and Guitar solos and a nice Sax section Soli.  Solos here by Gary Mayone, Scott Klarman &  Scott Ankrom & Les Blachut  - Advanced - LFO
YouTube Video
A Taste of Honey
Real pretty jazz-waltz; solos for flugelhorn and a gorgeous sax section soli . Medium. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo. Medium/Easy chart.
All the Things You Are
Flugelhorn solo, done in a nice 3/4 groove. Advanced
Swinging version of Bernstein's 'West Side Story' theme - Advanced and fairly difficult chart
***Baba Louie (c)2001-2015  Lee Harris Music Inc. New Version, New Chart!
A rock burner; extended bari sax and guitar solos. Advanced. Studio MP3 
(note: This chart was formerly listed as: 'Haji Baba'...)
A burning version of the Weather Report tune; tenor and guitar solos. Advanced. Dennis MP3 available.
Body and Soul
Gorgeous chart; features your bari-sax player. Medium/Easy. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo.
***The Brite Side ***  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original 3-movement 'suite'. Great production closer! Kbd/tenor solos.Advanced
Caravan II
Jazz-Samba Cooker; solos for Alto, Trumpet, Guitar; goes out cooking Advanced....
Chelsea Bridge  *****
Strayhorn's gorgeous tune; tenor solo feature. Medium/Easy. Rehearsal MP3Billy Ross's tenor solo on this track...is totally gorgeous and amazing!
***Cheo's Glider  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Nice uptempo 3/4 mood thing; tenor & tpt solos...Advanced
Embraceble You
A gorgeous soprano solo; some different changes, in a real pretty chart. Medium/Easy. Sibelius Partial MP3 demo.
***Fourth Dimension (c)2001 Lee Harris Music Inc.
A cooker; piano, bari, trumpet solos and a marvelous sax soli section. Advanced. Dennis MP3 demo.
Ghost of a Chance - NEW CHART!
Real pretty version of this great old standard; written for Guitar solo but useable by any other horn in the band. The demo track here is a VIBES solo. Easy -
YouTube Video
God Bless the Child
A gorgous bass-trombone solo, originally written for Dave Taylor in 1974. Bass trombone solo all the  way. Medium/Advanced . Studio MP3 . Solo  here by Dave Taylor.
- - - - -
"It is one of the best, if not THE BEST Bass Bone feature out there."
John Mckevitt
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - New Chart!
Great update of a 100-year-old 'swinger'-with a lovely 'interlude'. A fun chart! Medium/Advanced
A 'smokin' up-tempo version of this great old tune; soprano, trumpet solos and a burnin' out chorus. Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
Lady Be Good
Another 3/4 jazz-waltz burner! Advanced
MacArthur Park **
Cooking version of this great Richard Harris tune; tenor, trumpet and guitar solos with an intense out chorus. Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
A lovely chart on this gorgeous McCartney tune; bone solo & tenor jazz. Advanced. MP3 demo.
Meaning of the Blues/Round Midnight
Medley: Two classic jazz standards; 'Blues' is a solo bone feature; 'Midnight' features a sax section soli with a tenor solo on the bridge; gorgeous chart! Medium/Advanced. Mike Balogh & Billy Ross solo here.
SUP_Rehearsal MP3.
Midnight Sun
Real pretty soprano sax feature. Easy
My Foolish Heart
Real pretty keyboard feature. Medium/Easy
Night Train
A 'smoking version of this old standard; alto/tenor/trumpet solos. Advanced
Out of This World
Latin-style burner! This chart 'smokes'! Advanced

Old Man River
He don't say nothin' he just keeps 'swinging'; nice slow groove on this one...Easy
***Rainbows  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Up-tempo Samba-style cooker; soprano sax or flute solo. Advanced
***The Runner **   (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original 6/8 composition; gorgeous melodic out-chorus; Advanced
Royal Garden Blues
Swinging version of this great old dixieland standard. Advanced
Send In the Clowns
Real pretty trumpet feature done as a slow bossa-nova; Advanced. Concert MP3 demo.
(Bob Livingood plays the solo on this demo...)
Soprano solo; done in a nice bossa-nova groove; real pretty chart. Rehearsal  MP3 Demo. Medium/Easy.
The Song Is You
The classic jazz standard in a cooking new chart; features tenor & trumpet, with a chorus for your guitar player. Partial MP3 demo.  Advanced.
Superstar 2000
A kicking version of the great broadway show tune; solos for Alto, Trombone, Trumpet.. Makes a great opener. Concert MP3.  Advanced
***That Waltz Thing  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
Like it says; a jazz waltz burner
! Advanced
Us and Them  - New Chart
Real pretty Soprano Sax solo on this gorgeous Pink Floyd tune. Medium/Easy - YouTube Video
***Vintage Brew  (C)2015 by Lee Harris Music. Inc.
An original "musical time machine"...from around the 1930's era! Fun chart. Med/Advanced
Walk Softly
Gorgeous 'bone solo of this Johnny Richards melody. Medium/Advanced  (bones pretty high...) Mike Balogh solos here.
Where or When
Real pretty 3/4 version of this great old standard. Medium/Advanced
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
A swinger all the way...Medium/Advanced


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