(1) Serlizer Brody Family Tree

Serlizer had 8 children.

Bertha married Max Fass.

Harry married Ana Helfman

Gertrude married Abe Goldman (Gertie Goldman was interviewed by my cousin in 1982, before she died; it was Gertie who supplied most of the information about the early part of the family.)

Leo married Renee Kranzdorf (deceased); Leo owned Rain or Shine Box Lunch in New Jersey; His son Martin was head of the Restaurant Associates in later years. His other son Arthur owned Gold Seal Winery, which he later sold.

Joe married Hannah Somebody(?)

Sylvia married Sol Facher.

Ann married Henry Goldhor, (who was a Mayor of Hillside NJ.)

Goldie married Joe Polikoff; (her second husband was Walter Schwartz)

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