The Dixieland Years

The Savoy Six

plus other goodies from the high school years...

Rev: 3/11/15

Bill Vogel - Trumpet* Lee Brody - Clarinet & Sax Jimmy James - Trombone
or Bill Sodoma - Trombone
Don Rothfeld - Piano
or Barry Jaffe - Piano
Howard Buchanan - Bass*
or David Hunt - Bass*
Jim Lazarus - Drums*



R.I.P. Jimmy Lazarus

James J. Lazarus Obituary - Feb. 04, 2013
Newark Star Ledger

Here's a Great Picture:

sm_bobs_house.jpg (25170 bytes)

Front Row, Seated: Bill Vogel, Howard Buchanan

Second Row: Bill Sodoma (part), Bob Brown, John Loesser, Jim Lazarus, Lee Brody, Bob Brenman, Ken Davidson

Rear: Pete Siebert, Carl Tiedeman, Barry Jaffe, David Hunt, Dave Cook

Here's a Few New Scans:

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Dr. Don Rothfeld

Bill Vogel

David Hunt


The Savoy Six

The 2nd 'bone player is probably
Howard Buchanan

Jim Lazarus

Howard Buchanan

Jimmy James

The Starlighters 1954 or 1955

Front: Bill Stelgar, John Fleisher, Lee Brody, Barry Jaffe - Back Row: Don Hirsch, Bill Vogel, Howard Buchanan, Jim Lazarus

CHS Jazz Band - 1954
Saxes: Ralph Capasso, Ken Davidson, Lee Brody, Bob Brenman, Bill Horton
Tpts: Bill Vogel, Carl Tiedemann, Dan McAlister
Bones: Bill Sodoma, Marty Steinmets
Piano: Barry Jaffee, Bass: Howard Buchanan, Drums: Jim Lazarus

The Savoy Six Front Line - 1954

Bill Vogel, Lee Brody, Bill Sodoma

Howard Buchanan - Bass

Jim Lazarus - 1954

Here's a couple of  tunes from the 1955 big-band recording session we did at Hertz Studios In Newark - Charts by Ted Osmer
You Go To My Head
Hawaian War Chant

Jazz Concert Program 1

Jazz Concert Program 2

Jazz Concert Program 3

Jazz Concert Program 4

Class of '55 :Bob Glickman, Sugie, Lee,
Mike Beinner

CHS Jazz Band - 1954

Howard Buchanan
thanx Jimbo


These audio files have been updated to MP3's

and Newly Equalized....Enjoy!

The Savoy Six - at 'Ye Old Mushroom Farm' - West Orange NJ

August 31, 1956

That's A Plenty
Jazz Me Blues
Muskrat Ramble
12th Street Rag
Easy Rider Blues
Beale Street Blues
The Saints...

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