Summer 1963 Pines Hotel Midnight Band

3:00am 8/29/63

The Catskills in the 60's had the best musicians from all over the country playing at the larger hotels. The summers were especially great, because the best players in the world came to the mountains to relax with their families, and have a good time. There was always somebody with a big-band book, and I had mine. A couple of phone calls, and you had a world-class band just waiting for a down-beat!

This particular band rehearsed all summer, 1963 at the Pines hotel; we'd start at midnight and play to about 4:00am; at the end of the summer, we capped it off with a night at the 'Hip-Pocket', a small jazz club in Monticello, and we 'tore-up' the place!. It was a night to remember.

In this particular band was Buddy Greco's drummer Bobby Bennett, Ronnie Modell, who headed the music program at North Texas State for years, Alan Rubin, who played with Blood, Sweat & Tears and  a bunch of others.

At The Hip-Pocket: 'That Waltz Thing'





Howie Borodin-a
Guy Hall-a
Frank Petrocelli-t
Marty Fried-t
Morty Lewis-b
Ronnie Modell
Sam Sturm
Alan Rubin
Murry Rothstein
Danny Sisto
Al Patterson
Dick Rhoem
Bill Spilka
Terry Woodson
Bob Bennett-d
Roy Cohen-p
Jim Buchman-b

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