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Late Nite in Lee's Basement...
Ronnie Bennett, Abe Cooper,
Carmen Legerio, Bob Poeschel

'Y' Camp - 1948 - Thanx Mike Beinner

I'm in there somewhere...

Misc. Stuff

Gig with Buzzy DeJohn

C.H.S. 1954 Jazz Band
Saxes: Ralph Capasso, Ken Davidson, Lee Brody, Bob Brenman, Bill Horton
Tpts: Bill Vogel, Carl Tiedemann, Dan McAlister
Bones: Bill Sodoma, Marty Steinmets
Piano: Barry Jaffee, Bass: Howard Buchanan, Drums: Jim Lazarus

Bill Vogel, George Otley(rear), Lee, Howard Buchanan & Don Rothfeld


David at my house

Ron Naspo

Bob's House - Front

Bob's House - Rear

Lou Slingerland & Howard Buchanan

Bob Brown & Lou Slingerland

Bob Brown & Joan Herdigan

Jimmy Gleeson


Jim Gleeson & Ron Naspo

Lou Slingerland & Bob Brown

Dick Herdigan

Bob Brown

W.S.O.U. "Brass and Ivory"
Unknown, Dave Hunt, Frank Acito, Chase Acito



More - Lee

Class of '55: Bob Glickman, Sugie, Lee, Mike Beinner

Sugie, Lee, Mike

More New Scans - Friends & Family Stuff


Sitting in on a gig with my sax teacher Al Chesner.


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