Louis Brody Family Tree - (My grandfather)

Louis married Gussie Marger (1880-1965) in 1903. They lived in Newark NJ, and had five children. Louis owned Brody's Box Lunch in Newark.

(1) Edward married Charlotte Huffman; he worked at Bayonne Steel Products as Sales & Office manager. Charlotte was a teacher. They had two sons; Howard and Stuart Brody.

(2) Sol married Helen Kruvant; he worked at Brody's Box Lunch, and had two daughters, Enid and Judy.

(3) Hannah married Sam Hailperin; their daughter Martha died at age 23 of congenital heart failure.

(4) Martin married Mae Kraemer; he worked at Brody's Box Lunch and had two children, Lee (Me!) and Ellen.

(5) Harold married Ruth Levine; he also worked at Brody's Box Lunch until it was sold and then was part owner of Fairfield Foods and 'The Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie". They had two daughters, Ronnie and Susan, who was responsible for gathering all this information.

Louis Brody's Decendents

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