The Grossinger Years (1962-1970)

Grossinger's Hotel - Liberty NY - The 'Catskills'

'Those Were the Days, My Friend'...

Band Personnel as of December 1965

Eddie Ashman - Fiddle & Leader*

Abe Cooper & Chuck SanFilipo*: Trumpets

Barry Sachais - Trombone

Bob  Steen & Lee Brody: Alto Sax

Fred Nittel* & Milt Werner:  Tenor Sax

Red Kaplan - Bass,  David Heimer - Piano*

Roy Markowitz - Drums,  Danny Riccardi - Vocals


Some 'Classic' moments from 

Eddie Ashman and the Grossinger Orchestra...

Eddie Ashman & the Grossinger Orchestra
Xmas - 1965
Red Roses
I Wish You Love
I Surrender Dear
San Francisco Medley
More Medley Time
Please Don't Talk About Me
Another Medley
Crazy Rhythm
This Can't Be Love
Closing Medley
"Heavy Stuff" - Concert Nite
Summer 1966

My Fair Lady
The Phantom Regiment
Rhapsody In Blue - David Heimer, Piano
Finale (Oklahoma)


More Grossinger Band Pictures - 1

More Grossinger Band Pictures - 2


Brand-New Scans as of 1/17/11

Definitely, Absolutely, Without a Doubt The Best of Times!


Looks like Christmas, 1965.

Front Row: Milt Werner, Lee Brody, Fred Nittel, Eddie, Danny Riccardi; Back Row: Chuck SanFilipo, Abe Cooper, Steve Kupferschmid, Triggs Morgan, Roy Markowitz (partial);  not shown, David Heimer.

Looks likea later smaller  60's or 70's  band; David Heimer is on Accordion, Fred Nittel & Milt Werner on saxes, Chuck SanFilipo on Tpt; the rest unknown.

70's Band???; Chuck SanFilipo tpt; rest unknown.

Roy Beltier, Lee, Joe Hunkler & Paul Malacharik (partial)

Frank Petrocelli, unknown tpt & guitar, Lee


Roy Beltier & Lee

Frank, Joe Hunkler & Lee

Frank & Joe

Joe Hunkler

Hymie Posner

Sam Sturm









Paul Malacharik

Danny & Bob Steen


Cheo Venero...
Leader and bass player in the
 latin band; also a glider pilot and a
fine gentleman!

Fred Nittel
"My Head's for Nothing...."*
* a famous Eddie Ashman quote...

Fred & Lee & Piper Cherokee
Before that, we flew a Cessna 172...

Cheo & Fred

Joe Hunkler:
He died in the Farmhouse over the 4th of July 1963 weekend; Eddie was pissed because he couldn't find another sax player on the holiday weekend!

Al Patterson (trombone) came up to my room and said that Joe looked really wierd; I told him 'he always looked like that in the morning'...but we checked, and Joe sure enough was dead! 

Eddie Fisher @ Grossingers;...
Also Jimmy Fogg, Fred Nittel, Sam Sturm and a bit of me.

Thanx, Jimmy Fogg

Jimmy Fogg with Eddie Fisher at a booksigning
event in NJ.

The Original Crew (1962)...

Frontline: Frank Petrocelli, Joe Hunkler, Lee Brody
Back: Part of Paul Malacharik, Sam Sturm
Not Shown: Hymie Posner, Charlie Galazan, Jim Fogg


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Most Grossingers bandstand/celebrity photos were taken by

Ted Howard, Liberty N.Y.

Contact Les Howard:


All the rest were taken by me.


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