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This section of my web site is dedicated to the memory of my late cousin, Susan Mann, who had the patience to interview, follow-up, and collect all the information you see here; none of this would have been possible without her.

Thanks, Marc Schwartz for the pictures!

Mendel (Moishe) Bruder - circa 1830's

Mendel (Moishe) Bruder

Gitel Keller Bruder

As far as we've been able to determine, Mendel (Moishe) Bruder was born sometime between 1830 and 1840, in the vicinity of Niscavah, Poland. He married Gitel Keller sometime around 1850-1855. They had six sons.

(1) Serlizer (Israel) Brody; married Hycha Guttman (from Hungary?). They had 8 children, and lived in Newark, where he owned 'Harry's Tavern'.

(2) Sam Brody, born around 1867; he married Ann Salmowitz from Grossferdine Nudarut, Hungary(?) Sam was the first son to emigrate to America. He went to England first, for a few years; it was there that the name was changed from Bruder to Brody, because he thought it sounded too 'old-world'. After he arrived in America, Sam worked as a tailor; in fact, he was Thomas Edison's personal tailor! Sam had five children.

Sam was apparently quite an interesting character; when he arrived at Ellis Island, his friends paid off the customs inspectors so they would not look into his suitcases; apparently, he had packed distilling equipment, so that he could make a living when he got to the new world. Of course, he didn't realize that it was the Prohibition Era!

(3) Zalman (Solomon) Brody, married Yetta 'somebody'; for reasons unknown, the rest of the family was not close with him or his relatives, and very little is known about that side of the family. He had four children.

(4) Victor Brody; wife unknown; it is known that he came to America without his wife or children; he died here without ever seeing them again. He had three children, two of whom died in the Holocaust; one was still living in Israel when this information was collected.

(5) Louis (Eliezer) Brody, born 1881; (My Grandfather!) Married Gussie Marger(1880), lived in Newark NJ, and had four sons and a daughter. Louis owned Brody's Box Lunch.

(6) Max Brody, born 1888; married Eva Faust, had four children, and lived in Newark.

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