An 18-Piece Jazz Orchestra in The Kenton Tradition!
Updated  July 6, 2017

Add the evening of Tuesday, July 18th to your calendar!
What a hectic month June has been for the SuperBand!

We had four full 2-hour rehearsals, a SuperBand
 gig at the American Rock Bar & Grill, and 3 full days spent
at the Criteria 'Hit Factory' Studios in N. Miami Beach
recording some of our favorite charts!

And the Bottom Line: The Dennis Noday-Lee Harris SuperBand
is about to release our first CD, and three intensive days
of recording have produced a product that is gonna 'knock your sox off'!!!

The album, titled "The Brite Side" contains some wonderful
music, including a couple of gorgeous tracks from
Dennis and Billy Ross, along with the 'roaring' SuperBand
playing a bunch of our favorite things.

This is gonna be a blast!

So we have added a new night to our schedule to
celebrate the birth of the new CD,
and to give you a chance to come and hear
it played live, in person!

Put the evening of Tuesday, July 18th on your calendars
and we'll be back in the American Rock Bar & Grill
in Deerfield Beach, from 8:00-10:00pm.

American Rock Bar and Grill
Cove Shopping Center
1600 E Hillsboro Blvd,
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Info and reservations: (954) 428-4539
There's a $10 music charge; Kids get in free!

Plenty of free parking, all-nite 2-for-1 drinks,
and some of the best food in town!
So come on out and party with us, and help us celebrate
the forthcoming birth of an exciting new CD!

In the meantime, make sure to hit the
"South Florida Jazz List"
to find great jazz and food in South Florida!

Here's a few pictures from the April Gig

Thanks, Steve Salo!

Here's the SuperBand at The American Rock Bar & Grill
October 4th 2016:

This is definitely the one big-band you really don't want to miss!

Great Food, Excellent Service, and Fantastic Music!
Cove Shopping Center - 1600 E Hillsboro Blvd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Info and Reservations: (954) 428-4539

$10 Music Charge -  Kids get in free!
Plenty of free parking!

Did I say 'Great Food'? - You Bet!

Dennis, Wailing on 'Maria'! Click to hear it!
(audio from 6/2/2002 O'Hara's Gig)

**About The 'SuperBand...."
Dennis Noday and I created this orchestra to do something just a little different  than what has gone before, and this new 18-piece jazz orchestra in the Kenton tradition is  generating some real excitement from the local jazz community.

The players are the absolute top-drawer jazz talent in the South Florida area, but what's truly unique about this orchestra is our library of original arrangements,  written by myself over the course of the past fifty years.

There are many original compositions, but there are also new arrangements of some of the wonderful standards from the "Great American Songbook".

Unlike most other bands in town, we play NO purchased commercially available big-band music.  

Make no mistake: this is a New Orchestra, with a New Sound!

The musicians love the book, and audience reaction to the music at the Black Box  was  marvelous!  Dennis has also contributed some music from his amazing tenures with the Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson bands, and he still has a large following in the South Florida jazz community, having led his own big-band down here for years.

This creates a nice 'balance' of the 'new' with the 'old'!
Come catch this wonderful orchestra and let's make some 'history'!


Band Personnel as of 10/21/2016:
Saxes: Scott Klarman, Mike Brignola, Billy Ross, Noah Brandmark, Randy Emerick
Trumpets: Chaim Rubinov, Ryan Chapman, Dennis Noday, Scott Malamerson, Tom Swayzee
Trombones: Jason Pyle, Mike Balogh, Tom Lacy, Steve Mayer
Rhythm: George Mazzeo (d), Rances Colon (b), Lucian Williams (gt), Larry Karp (kbd)

Here are some of the 'goodies' from the October 4th Gig:
(These are audio-equalized MP3 files)

Note: If you encounter 'stuttering' with the Audio Files, try right-clicking and download  them to your Desktop where they should play fine! (not the YouTubes, unfortunately!)Audio/Video Recording by Kom Wongsawat
Thanx, Kom! These are excellent!
First Set:

"Here's That Rainy Day"
   (arr. Dee Barton)

"Birdland" (Weather Report)
    (arr. Lee Harris) Billy Ross, tenor; Lucian Williams, gt

"After You've Gone, Finally"
    (arr Lee Harris) Larry Karp (kb), Scott Klarman,
    Lucian Williams (gt)

"The Sound" - Features Billy Ross on tenor
   Written by Billy Ross and Mike Levine
   Dedicated to the legacy of Stan Getz
   (arr Lee Harris)
   YouTube Video - "The Sound"

"The 4th Dimension" (C) 2010 by Lee Harris (a.r.r.)
   Solos: Larry Karp, Randy Emerick on bari,
   Chaim Rubinov on trumpet

"Superstar 2000" (arr. Lee Harris)
   Billy Ross (ten), Tom Swayzee (tpt)

(a.r.r. =  "All Rights Reserved")

Second Set:

"People" from 'Funny Girl' - Dennis on Trumpet
   (arr Lee Harris)
   YouTube Video - "People"

"The Song is You" (arr. Lee Harris)
   Billy Ross (ten) & Chiam Rubinov (tpt)

"Embraceable You" (arr. Lee Harris)
   Featuring Scott Klarman on Soprano Sax

"Down By Ol' Muddy" (C) 2016 by Lee Harris - (a.r.r.)
   Solos: Billy Ross, Tom Swayzee

"Walk Softly" by Johnny Richards
   (arr. Lee Harris) Mike Balogh on trombone

"The Brite Side" (C) 2012 by Lee Harris (a.r.r.)
   Solos: Larry Karp, Billy Ross
   YouTube Video - "The Brite Side"

(a.r.r. = "All Rights Reserved")

11/04 Pictures and Video by Kom Wongsawat
Hi-Lites from Lee's BlogNot*:
The December 6th American Rock B&G gig was a major blast!

An exciting night; a sub for Dennis came in and knocked everybody's 'sox' off; Young Mike Dudley from UM sat in Dennis's chair and played the lead trumpet book like he'd been playing it for years! Great sound and technique! He totally blew everybody away!

Another high-light of the evening was Scott Klarman, wailing on Bill Holman's gorgeous chart of 'Stella By Starlight" from Dennis Noday's Kenton Library of 'goodies'! I'd love get this recorded some day; Great job, Scott!

The band overall is sounding better every night; it's thrilling to watch it turn into a real musical 'powerhouse', and I've got the best seat in the house!!!!

The November  American Rock gig was even better than the previous!

We had a couple of subs (Jack Wengrosky in for Dennis, Doug Michels in for Scott Malamerson, and Gary Mayone in for Rances Colon), and the band was  smokin'!

A couple of highlites: Billy Ross on 'Chelsea Bridge' and 'Michelle', Tom Swazee on 'All The Things You Are', and the whole 'wailing' band on 'The Brite Side'.

All in all, a fun evening and a very happy crowd! We'll be back  December 6th;  if you're in the neighborhood, come on out and rock the night with us. And by all means, email me to get on our mailing list!

Here's some more from 10/04!

The Boca Gig Was Our First Gig!
It was a Ball!

Here's a shot from our first rehearsal:

Here's a Couple of Nice Trax..
Meaning of the Blues/Round Midnight
Walk Softly
Arranged by Lee Harris
(Solos:Mike Balogh, Billy Ross)
Saxes: Noah Brandmark,Neal Bonsanti, Mike Brignola, Randy Emerick, Billy Ross
Brass: Mike Balogh,John McKevitt, Charlie Gerundo,Tom Swayze, Dennis Noday,
Ryan Chapman, Jack Wengrosky, Seth Merlin, Jason Pyle
Rhythm: Gary Mayone, Andy Chapman, Luke Williams, Jeff Carswell


Pictures and Video by Kom Wongsawat
Thanx, Kom! These are excellent!


Lots More Coming....

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