50 Years of Goodies
Misc. Concert & Rehearsal Trax


Adams Tavern Mystery Band - Orange N.J. - 1963
Jim Buchanan was at a rehearsal with Sal Granata...Sal was on that
band, and identifies the following players: (it was Joe D's band...)
Saxes: Sal Granata, Joe D('Addario), Mike Cuozzo, Ed Sueta, Lou Budz
 and sometimes somebody else...

Tpts:  Ernie DeFalco, Abe Levitt, Gerry Luongo, and somebody else??
Tmbs:  Johnny Messner, Billy Ver Plank, and 2 guys from NYC who were brothers.
       (Mickey Gravine was at the rehearsal I attended, I believe)
Rhythm: Piano Judd Walton; Drums, Mike Marotta, Bass: Frankie Savarese.
** These are Marion Evans arrangements....
** gorgeous & very playable charts!!!!
Miss Jones
Spring Is Here
That Old Feeling
1270 Blues
Joe Gaines Band @ Fairleigh Dickenson – 1963

Saxs:     Bob Ackerman, Lee Harris, Fred Nittel, Carmen Legerio, Buzz DeJohn
Tpts:     Abe Cooper, Vinnie Chickaleese, Bob Porcelli
Tmbs:     Barry Sachais, Al Patterson
Rhy:      Ed Berg, gt – Jim Buchanan, B – Ronnie Bennett, Dr.
Announcer: Joe Gaines

Blue              Comp/Arr: Lee Harris
Copley Square     Sammy Nestico
Joe Gaines @ Fairleigh Dickenson – 1965 - (Bigger band)

Produced by Joe Gaines
Conducted by Lee Harris / on alto & bari sax
Sxs:    Howie Borodin, Sal Granato, Fred Nittel, Frenk Petrocelli, Larry Ravdin
Tpts:   Sam Sturm, Abe Cooper, Al Vera, Danny Sisto
Tmbs:   Al Patterson, Billy VerPlank, Bob Doxteder
Rhy:    John Scully, P – Ronnie Naspo, B – Ronnie Bennett, Dr.
Arr:    Lee Harris & *Unknown

Groove Blooz      Comp/Arr: Lee Harris
Pines Hotel Midnite Band - Summer 1963

Saxes:    Howie Borodin, Guy Hall, Frank Petrocelli, Marty Fried/Morty Lewis, Les Phinig
Tpts:     Ronnie Model, Sam Sturn, Alan Rubin, Murray Rothstein, Danny Sisto
Tmbs:     Al Patterson, Dick Rhehm, Bill Spilka, Terry Wosbin (&tuba)
Rhy:      Bob Bennett, Dr – Jim Buchman, B - Roy Cohen/Patty Bowen, Kbd

The Double Standard   Comp/Arr: Lee Harris
Out of  This World    Arr. Lee Harris
Summer 1968 BigBand Rehearsal @ Grossingers

Sxs:      Howie Borodin, Larry Ravdin, Fred Nittel, Frank Petrocelli, Lou Budz
Tpts:     Abe Cooper, Chuck SanFillipo, Bill Meyers, Paulie Cohen
Tmbs:     Earl Sachais, Steve Kupferschmidt, Eddie Silk
Rhy:      Triggs Morgan, B - Reggie Moore, P - Roy Markowitz, Dr.
Arr:      Lee Harris

Now's The Time        Arr. Lee Harris
St. James Infirmary   Arr. Lee Harris

Reggie, Triggs & Roy...jamming after the rehearsal:
The Hip Pocket – Summer 1968 - Monticello, NY

Saxes:    Howie Borodin, Fred Nittel, Frank Petrocelli, John Gatto, Larry Ravdin
Tpts:     Sam Sturm, Abe Cooper, Chuck SanFillipo, Ronnie Model,
Tmbs:     Barry Sachais,  Earl Sachais, Steve Kupferschmidt, Eddie Silk
Rhy:      Dave Heimer-P, Triggs Morgan-B, Roy Markowitz-Dr
Arr. & Conductor: Lee Harris

That Waltz Thing       Comp/Arr Lee Harris
Misc. Lee Harris Rehearsal/Concert Tracks - 1964 to 1965

Saxes:  Sal Granada, Bob Ackerman, Fred Nittel, Carmen Rugerio, Buzz DeJohn
Tpts:   Abe Cooper, Vinnie Chicaleese, Bob Poeshel
Tmbs:   Al Patterson, Barry Scott

Guitar: Eddie Berg, Bass: Jim Buchanan, Drums: Ronnie Bennett

Groove Blooz
One Note Samba
April In Paris
Walkin' Shoes
Polkadots & Moonbeams -  Bob Ackerman Alto
Day In, Day Out - Danny Riccardi vocal
Lonesome Road - Danny Riccardi vocal
I Feel Pretty
Lady Be Good - Danny Riccardi vocal
When Your Lover Has Gone
I've Got You Under My Skin
Danny Riccardi/Lee Harris O.D.O Studio Demo Sessions – 4/12/65

Sxs:     Howie Borodin, Sal Granato, Fred Nittel, Frank Petrocelli, Larry Ravdin
Tpts:    Sam Sturm,  Al Vero,  Abe Cooper, Danny Sisto, Bill Berry
Tmbs:    Billy VerPlank, Al Patterson, Gary Alabach, Tony Salvatore
Horn:    Dick Berg
Tuba:    Lou Waldek
Rhy:     John Scully, P – Ronnie Naspo, B – Bobby Bennett, Dr
Voc:     Danny Riccardi
Arr:     Lee Harris

** Newly Equalized Files **
San Francisco
Happy Time
I Cried For You - Danny Riccardi (no vocal)
Secret Love - Danny Riccardi Vocal
I'll Be Tired of You - Danny Riccardi Vocal
Nick Augustine 'Pumpkin Man' Session - Record Plant -
West Orange N.J. Studios 3/17/78

(Horns only - no strings or vocals...)

Produced by Nick Augustine
Rod O'Brien, Engineer

Sxs:    Paul Eisler, Jim Clouse, Frank Perowsky, Charlie Lagond, Ed Xiques
Tpts:   Lou Soloff, Danny Cahn, Ross Konikoff, Abe Cooper, Herb Robertson
Tmbs:   Earl Sachais, Clint Sharman, David Taylor
Rhy:    Jeff Layton-GT, Mitch Kerper-P, Will Lee-B, Roy Markowitz-D, Reubens Bassini-Perc

Rainbows    (C)1978 Lee Harris Music

Rainbows2 - Remix with the strings added...(C)1978 Lee Harris Music
Osburn's Concert Hall – 11/13/89 - Hollywood, Florida
This was a smokin' band!!!

Saxes:   Jeff Jordan, Fred Nittel, Scott Klarman, Luis Amat, Mark Hurwitz
Tpts:    Luis Aquino, John Bailey, Stu King, Jason Carder, Doug Michaels
Tmbs:    Mark Gregory, Doug Leibinger, Jason Pyle, Mike Balough
Rhy:     Matt Chertkoff, GT – Jim Gasior, KBD – Don Payne, B – Warren Hanrahan, D
         Billy Scott, Perc
         Arr. Lee Harris

The Runner - (Original Version) (C)1989 by Lee Harris Music, Inc
Willow Weep for Me
Rainbows (c)1989 by Lee Harris Music, Inc.
Here's That Rainy Day - Jason Carder
Tin Roof Blues
More Than You Know
One Nite Stans' Rehearsal Track - 2001 - Hollywood, FL
March 28, 2001

Saxes: Mike Scaglione, Mike Compagna, Billy Ross, Gary Keller, Mike Brignola
Tpts:  Trevor Neuman, Scott Malamerson, Chris O'Farril, Jason Carder, Seth Merlin
Tmbs:  Jim Long, Dave Dickey, Phil Miller, Dave Cricker
Rhy:   Warren Hanrahan(d), Chuck Bergeron(b), Lindsey Blair(gt), Les Blachut(kb)

Chelsea Bridge - featuring Billy Ross - Check out Billy's tenor solo on this track!

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